Olympic MTB preview

With the 2008 Olympics set to kick off in exactly one week I thought I’d talk about three of the mountain bikers that will be representin’ for us in China. As you can imagine these folks kick ass on the mountain bike but what else should we know about them?

Adam Craig


Besides dominating cross country, super-downhill, singlespeed, and cyclo-cross races, Adam is also into rally car racing. From what I’ve read it sounds like he’s the guy who reads the map and course info from the passenger seat while another guy drives but still – that’s extreme. I suppose picking your lines for mountain biking is pretty good practice for a rally car race (or is it the other way around?).

Georgia Gould


Believe it or not Georgia Gould used to be a heavy smoker; fortunately these days she only smokes the competition. In her younger days Georgia was rejected for the Barnum and Bailey Circus 3 times despite being a rad unicyle rider and juggler. The consummate career switcher, Georgia plans to pursue her MBA after her cycling career (to launch a company in the MTB industry perhaps?). Georgia’s husband is a team mechanic for Trek-VW.
Todd Wells


Todd started riding BMX bikes when he was 5, just like me – though obviously our paths diverged shortly thereafter. After taking a break from biking to go to school and start his career at IBM, Todd realized he missed the sport and headed back to Durango to become a pro mountain biker. As you may recall Todd competed in the 2004 Olympics and was the highest American finisher (19th).

Mountain biking events take place August 22 & 23. REPRESENT!

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