Mountain biking class

Man, kids have it great these days. When I was in school PE usually consisted of kickball and square dancing (Georgia public schools at their best) but these days kids are taking mountain biking classes. According to the article “students must provide their own bikes” and it doesn’t sound like they go during school hours, but still…

I seem to remember hearing about a mountain biking class in college but somehow I never managed to sign up. As a Boy Scout I did take a mountain biking class at summer camp one year and I honestly learned a lot (much of which I still recall today). We rode camp-provided Trek Antelopes and learned about things like “full-attack position” while riding singletrack trails through the north Georgia mountains.

Adults have mountain bike “classes” but these are usually just academic titles for “sweet mountain bike vacations in exotic places.” I’m glad kids today have a chance to get exposed to a fun sport like mountain biking – I’ll eventually get over my jealousy.