Josie Fouts Wants Mountain Biking in the Paralympics, and She Won’t Take No for an Answer [Podcast #287]

Josie Fouts is a two-time National Paralympics Road and Track Cycling Champion with plans to compete at the 2021 Games in Tokyo. She’s also working to make mountain biking a Paralympic sport and stars in a new short film called Go Josie.

In this episode, we ask Josie:

  • Have you found being stubborn is a strength? Does it ever get you in trouble?
  • Are you able to use your formal education in nutrition and nutritional immunology as a part of your own training?
  • What is the level of competition like at the US National Paralympics? Were you surprised the first time you competed?
  • How difficult is it to find off-the-shelf products that work for para athletes? Have you found gear manufacturers are willing to work with you to find solutions?
  • What’s it been like working with a gear sponsor like Swiftwick?
  • Are there things the bike industry could be doing to make equipment more para-friendly?
  • Why do you think mountain biking is not a part of the Paralympics?
  • What do you do to keep your workouts interesting? Is training fun for you?
  • Were there any surprises on the first bikepacking trip you recently completed?
  • Are there other challenges you’ve set for yourself this year in addition to competing in Tokyo?

View the short film Go Josie on YouTube and follow Josie on Instagram @ms.stubbornness. Thanks to Josie’s sponsor Swiftwick for arranging this interview.

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