Jeep 48Straight Finale: Results from San Luis Obispo

The Jeep 48Straight mountain bike series wrapped up this weekend in San Luis Obispo and the overall series winners were announced. For those of you planning on watching the race on television Nov 1 (CBS) this is your spoiler alert – winners are listed below.


Nice pic – notice the mountain bike shadow on the ground


Banked turn on the dual slalom course

The overall men’s series winner and proud owner of a brand new Jeep Grand Cherokee is Eric Carter of Temecula, CA. The women’s overall title (and, I assume, another Jeep Cherokee) went to Melissa Buhl of Chandler, AZ. The top 3 mountain bike finishers at the San Luis Obispo race were as follows:

1. Brian Lopes – Laguna Beach, CA
2. Eric Carter – Temecula, CA
3. Greg Minnaar – South Africa

1. Fionn Griffiths – Great Britain
2. Melissa Buhl, Chandler, AZ
3. Kathy Pruitt – Santa Cruz, CA

The overall series cash purse was $100,000 but I couldn’t find anything on how much the series winners received (other than a Jeep Cherokee). Event winners like Brian Lopes and Fionn Griffiths won $5,000 so that should leave a good bit for the overall winners. Too bad $5,000 won’t even pay for one of these guys’ or girls’ mountain bikes 😉 Oh yeah, I forgot – they get those for free!