IMBA lobbying for cyclists in DC

It looks like IMBA is organizing mountain bikers for the 2007 League of American Bicyclists’ National Bike Summit to be held in Washington, DC in March. To be honest I’m not a card carrying IMBA member but I really respect alot of what they do. In particular, I’ve never ridden an IMBA-designed mountain bike trail that I didn’t enjoy.

We were really stoked to hear that IMBA was in the area recently to help with the new trails being built at Briar Chapel. You can usually tell an “IMBA trail” from its fast/banked turns, the switchback climbs, and the overall lack of erosion the trail seems to have.

Anyway, IMBA is great and they definitely have a good website if you haven’t checked it out yet. They have an official list of “epic certified” rides and trail building tips, plus they offer great opportunities to hook up with local mountain bike riders in your area.