How Earl’s Bike Shop is Handling the Pandemic Bike Boom [Podcast #275]

Earl Serafica is the owner of Earl’s Bike shop, a Specialized dealer located on the west side of Atlanta near the Georgia Tech campus and close to downtown. I first met Earl on a mountain bike ride several years ago, and he’s remained a good friend and tireless promoter of the local cycling community here in Atlanta.

Earl talks about how the pandemic and surprising bike boom has affected business, and his approach to connecting with new and old customers. We also ask:

  • What’s the most common repair you make?
  • Which repairs are more challenging?
  • How has Covid affected your inventory and your ability to get bikes and parts?
  • Which bikes sold the fastest in 2020?
  • Do you worry that delays, and lack of inventory is pushing some folks toward alternatives like wrenching at home, or buying complete bikes online?
  • How are e-bike sales looking? Which types of electric bikes are people choosing, and what do the buyers look like?

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