Endurance Downhill Racing: Red Bull Final Descent

The Red Bull Final Descent series wrapped up last week when 121 riders saddled up at Angel Fire Resort in New Mexico for a shot at $5,000 in cash prizes. The object was simple: complete the most downhill runs in 12 hours. The race ran into twilight hours which added an additional challenge as riders strapped on lights for the final laps. Exhaustion + darkness + DH racing = epic racing conditions.

Ryan Sutton of Crested Butte,CO and Jackie Harmony of Sedona, AZ took home the Pro Solo honors with 33 and 31 laps respectively, and both swept the series in the process. The race format allows riders to choose from several courses to get down the mountain and only one rider / bike is allowed on each lift chair. If you’ve ever ridden DH at a lift-serviced resort you know it’s tiring – just getting in 5 runs is an epic day. These guys (and gals) did six-times that amount at Angel Fire!

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