Denim and California Shreddin’ in Coastal Cruisin’ [Video]

Who doesn't want to dress down in denim and hit the coast in search of singletrack in this hot rod?

Over the years, we’ve drawn inspiration from California. Our imagination of the wild West Coast and its intersection with the Ripton ethos was obvious. We flew to San Diego hoping to witness a glimmer of that mythical version of this place. We thought that our persistence could unearth the California we wanted to experience in the flesh. Hop into our ’86 Honda, a.k.a. “Sweet Love” as we road trip up the coast, riding with cool people and experiencing the wild, unknown, and unrefined side of California.

  • Riders: Hadrian Lackner, Enzo Sapojinack, Zander Hoppen, Sam Dale, Diana Drew.
  • Film and Photo: Satchel Cronk and Kody Kohlman
  • Editor: Nate Steinbauer
  • Sound and Color: Wiley Kaupas