Alchemy Wants to Host you for Coffee, Tacos and Beer When you Pick up a new Bike

Riders buying a new Alchemy bike are offered a night at the Origin Hotel, test rides, a bike fit, help with bike and suspension setup, gift cards to Over Yonder Brewery and Launch Coffee, and a swag bag.

Talk About a Long Wheelbase! This Split Wheel Mountain Bike is Rideable

At first glance it appears there’s a glitch in the photo. Watch the video, however, and you’ll see this bike is totally rideable!

30% Off Five Ten, 20% Off Santa Cruz and Lots More July 4th Deals

It’s a great time to pick up some new gear for the summer, like a new pair mountain biking shoes, clothing and sunnies, even bikes!

The Donnelly AVL Tire is Stoked to Climb Technical Trails if You Are

The Donnelly AVL is an XC/trail tire that excels at technical climbs and sheds sticky Pisgah soil with ease.

An Inverted Dropper from Enve, Revel DJ Bike, and Improved Pirelli Scorpion M Tires

Trickstuff updates brake calipers to fit SRAM pads, Enve drops an inverted dropper post, Revel brings a new DJ bike, and Handup toasts with PBR.

The We Are One Arrival Is a Mid-Travel Bike With a Case of Big Bike Syndrome

The We Are One Arrival super bike is made in Canada with a not unreasonable price tag given its premium construction. We tested one in BC to see if it lives up to the hype.

Enduro Deals & Early July 4th Sales

We checked the date, but the July 4th mtb deals are here nonetheless.

We Tested 5 Tubeless Tire Sealants to See Which Ones Work Best

We put five tubeless tire sealants to the test to see which ones seal medium-sized punctures quickest and most effectively.

Would You Rather Ride with No Suspension, or No Dropper Post?

I think we can all agree that mountain bikes are great. Yet we all have slightly different ideas about what makes them great for riding trails.

Funn Adlib HD Saddle: Large for the Charge [Review]

The Funn Adlib HD saddle is large with thick padding which the brand says is to improve both comfort and control. We tested the it to see how the saddle performs.

WTB Venture Gravel Tire: Comfortable and in Control [Review]

While the WTB Venture isn’t going to make the short list for most gravel races, it should be an excellent choice for riders who want a do-all gravel tire that feels comfortable and in control across a variety of surfaces.

Harley’s New Electric Hardtail [Gear Watch]

Harley Davidson spinoff Serial 1 unveiled an electric mountain bike that almost looks trail worthy, plus a bag, jersey, and after-ride massage device.

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