Yesterday we unveiled a new look to the trail category pages here on singletracks so today I thought I’d talk about some of the changes (click here for an example). Most of the new features were suggested by our members and we’re stoked about the updated look!

  • Trailhead map on state pages: Click the “View bike trails on a map” link at the top of any state page and you’ll see a Google Map showing all the trailhead locations in the area. The map even updates when you filter by city so you can easily see how trails are spread out around town.
  • Tabs to organize other state content: New tabs make it easy to switch to the “best trails,” “bike shops,” and “race” pages for each state.
  • Simplified filters: Filter trails by city and/or difficulty.
  • Sub-trail integration: A few weeks ago we added the ability to link individual trails to trail system listings. The new state page format groups individual trails with the system listing for a cleaner look.
  • Faster page loads: The new trail category pages make use of AJAX so in many cases only part of the page is reloaded for things like sorting, paging, etc.
  • More trails per page: We bumped the trails per page to 75 and cut out a lot of the text that made pages difficult to scroll through.
  • Trail previews: Hover your mouse over any trail link and you’ll get a preview of the trail photo (if available) and other key trail stats like length, configuration, and trail type. Sweet.
  • New map column: Find out which singletracks trails have been mapped and which ones are yet to be explored.

For singletracks junkies the new format may take a little getting used to but the overall experience should be snappier and easier to use. Find a new trail to ride this weekend!

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