I agree with Kevin on his thoughts on riding with dogs. I have an energetic 95 lb shepard-lab mix, Jackson, as my running buddy (personal trainer might be more appropriate) but I have way too many concerns about taking him riding on the trails with me. Jackson can run 3-4 miles no problem but once in the woods, he’s running up and down trails, zig-zagging every which way easily racking up more mileage than a bike riding along the trail. Knowing your dog’s ability is key to not overworking him on the trails. Remember, dogs are instinctively loyal and will want to stay with you but an easy 10 mile cruise for you could be too much for your four-legged friend.

There are also hazards off the trail that you should be conscious of. The one time we rode with Jackson at Mount Herman, he took off and found a barbed wire fence 🙁 He was lucky though, and just cut his mouth and tongue up a little. He was so excited to be running around it didnt seem to bother him, however, all the exercise really got his blood pumping and that didn’t help with the bleeding. So what may be an innocent detour to chase a squirrel could be a real danger for your dog.

Last, it can be a nuisance for other hikers and bikers to encounter your dog off leash. Many people could be scared of dogs and, believe it or not, your dog can be scared of them. That’s generally why we have leash laws at most public places.

If you do ride with your dog, please be careful and curteous – Happy tails 😉

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  • finnimore

    Dogs are my favorite creature on the planet. They are loyal, stoic rangers; they live in the moment and don’t know what the word quit means. Here lies the problem.

    Come on, Before any body interjects their opinion of how they “feel” their dogs performs or enjoys mountain biking or running, talk to your veterinarian.

    My buddy’s’ been a vet for the past 10 years plus in the Denver Meto area and he told me when he sees a person riding a bike with a trotting dog beside them he states he wants to “Punch them in the F*#@ing mouth” Believe me this is atypical behavior and speech for this man.

    If you really care about your pet you would reconsider your decision to take your dog mountain biking with you. Even running with your dog is detrimental to them.

    Please Don’t take my word for it, speak with you vet and I am cretin he/she will cringe when you describe what you have been doing to your best friend…

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