Having finally purchased a phone worth using on the trails, I needed to get a case worthy of holding my Samsung S4. Annex Products has an excellent solution for my problem: the Quad Lock Bike Kit. Not only does it provide protection, but it also features a slim locking system that allows you to quickly mount your phone to your bike.

The phone can be mounted securely, and in more than one position. I ended up mounting mine on the bar in landscape mode, but you could easily mount it to the stem in portrait mode.

For those of you who don’t have a Samsung S4, Annex has cases available for the iPhone 4/4s and the iPhone 5/5s/5c as well. If you don’t have any of these phones, you could still use a universal kit, which doesn’t come with a case, but just the mounting system.

As far as protection is concerned, you even get a molded poncho cover for addition safety.

There are also a variety of other mounts you can use with the case (sold separately), including a simple flat mount, a wrist mount, a car mount, and even a belt clip. This system is truly versatile.

I was impressed with the simple mount design, which is easy to pop on and off, the positive lock to prevent accidentally losing your phone, and the overall quality of the system.

The added poncho is a great touch, although when it is on the phone the sound is muted a bit. Other than that, the touch screen doesn’t lose any sensitivity.

This case is not totally waterproof, so there may be a slight possibility of water intrusion from the small gap behind the unit where the camera, speaker, and quad lock mount come together.

For $69.95 US, Annex’s Quad Lock is a decent kit for the price.

Thanks to Annex for providing the Quad Lock Case for review.

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  • Jeff Barber

    Looks nice and simple. So do you leave the case on your phone all the time or just pop the phone in if you’re going for a ride? Looks like the case is small enough that it might work for regular duty.

  • syd

    I love the case and use it all the time..The Poncho part though I leave for those wet days.

  • Roech666

    The design looks good and simple but you would need a stem with a round shape if that’s where you wanted to mount it. They need to design a stem mount that is more universal for all types of stems.

    • syd

      It mounts on the bar as well as the stem.

    • Roech666

      I know but my bars are pretty cluttered so I would like to have my phone mounted to the stem. I would probably buy the ibera spring loaded stem mount instead. It’s also cheaper.

    • syd

      They also have a flat mount with double sided tape. it may work for your application..I don’t know what stem you have.

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