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The Enduro World Series (EWS) has decided to add an eMTB category to all of its events, following the lead of the UCI, which has been adding eMTB events and recently announced the first-ever eMTB World Championships.

The EWS says that since most mountain bike races in Europe have an eMTB category, the decision was a no brainer, especially since there are several EWS rounds in Europe every season.

“Although a lot of countries are still unsure of eMTBs, enduro was born in Europe and that’s where our roots are. Acceptance of eMTBs has grown, and it’s time to start phasing in electric events,” said the EWS in a press release.

It’s also helping to expedite transfer segments at EWS events and get people off the course sooner. The EWS has grown exponentially over the past few years, with more riders than ever. The series has now branched with the Continental Enduro Series, and countless qualifier events around the world, adding to the total amount of enduro events to ease the demand.

Now, with eMTBs at EWS events, organizers can move racers more quickly through the transfers so that everyone is ready to go at the start gate, and more rested.

“It also lessens the chances of crashes on the descents. Riders are less fatigued, and won’t be as apt to crash,” says an EWS rep. “Not to mention, the climbs are pointless in an enduro, so why not just get them out of the way even faster?”

The challenge will be getting land managers at American venues to make exceptions for eMTBs. Still, organizers are hopeful and preliminary talks with venues have gone well.

“Look, Enduro World Series events bring a ton of money to the area every time we come to town. Racers, media, administration — we all eat at the venues or in town and pay for other services. It’d be silly for land managers to say no after recognizing the economic impact we have.”

Lastly, it might even make the races more exciting.

“When you add the weight of a 20lb. motor to the bottom of an enduro bike, it’s gonna make downhill trail riding even crazier. We can’t wait to see what happens.”

The first eMTB EWS won’t happen anytime soon, likely because this isn’t real. Happy April Fools, from Singletracks.

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  • Greg Gadfly

    An emtb bike category will be a great addition to EWS.

    It will push innovation.

    Right now I think the bikes are a little heavy and weight will come down. And also batteries and motors will get much better.

    I already ride enduro emtb. I ride a 2016 haibike xduro nduro pro. It can handle any trail a competitively priced enduro mtb can.

    The EWS should throw in some “narly” climbs with rocks, logs, roots, mud etc… as climbing is what the ebikes do best. I live in Las Vegas Nevada and climb some of the rock and bolder ridden hills.

    Make the race essentially a scaled down enduro motorcycle race.

    I predict the emtb EWS will eventually be the one to watch.

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