Mountain Bike Photography: 10 Editing Tips for Beginners


Processing and Editing Editing a photograph can be just as important as composing the perfect image. Adjusting color, contrast, shadows, highlights, and several other features can really make a photo stand out. Going beyond the “auto correct” function found on most complimentary editing software, and understanding editing basics, can significantly improve the quality of your …

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Mountain Bike Photography: 10 Techniques for Beginners


The Basics: A Short Primer This article is meant to provide you with some quick tips on taking photos while on the trail. Certainly, volumes can be written about photography, covering topics such as shutter speed, lighting, color temperature, depth of field, etc. Most non-professional SLR cameras don’t allow much control over these anyway. Instead, …

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Projekt Roam’s Weekly Wander: Prison Camp, Tucson, AZ

Weekly Wander 18

Prison Camp is one of many mountain bike-worthy multi-use trails found within the Mount Lemmon Trail System in Tucson, AZ. When ridden as part of the “Lemmon Drop,” the Prison Camp trail portion of the ride is a mostly descending ride with short climbs, providing enough speed and technical challenges to keep you thoroughly entertained.

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Projekt Roam’s Weekly Wander: Fantasy Island North Singletrack, Goodyear, Arizona

Weekly Wander 14 FINS

FINS, short for Fantasy Island North Singletrack, is an entertaining small trail system located on private land in Goodyear, AZ. Comprised of many short trails that create loops throughout the trail system, Kimurel’s Hurl trail is a quick, fun and flowy descent which includes wood features, small jumps, and bermed corners.

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Projekt Roam’s Weekly Wander: Riverside Trails, Whistler, British Columbia

Weekly Wander Whistler

The Riverside Trails meander through the plentiful and lush flora of the Whistler Valley in beautiful British Columbia. Helping to make up a part of the Whistler Valley Trail System, these trails provide a scenic, entertaining ride for riders of any skill level while showcasing another amazing biking side of Whistler, BC. For more information …

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Projekt Roam’s Weekly Wander: Time Warp Trail, Ashland, Oregon

Weekly Wander Ashland 4x4

At the heart of three major ecosystems in this mountain biking wonderland, Time Warp Trail barrels down Mt. Ashland through scattered pines and over rock gardens, feeding momentum to hungry tires all the way. This three mile long trail, launching riders down nearly 2500′ of descent, is one thrilling ride that helps to contribute to …

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