No more of these for me, I’ve gotta be ready to crush the springtime trails.

This week I received a digital copy of James Wilson’s 12 week mountain bike training program called “Mountain Bike Dumbbell Combos”. The package includes a 23-page manual explaining and laying out the options for the warm-ups, exercises and combined routine schedules that you can put together to whip yourself into full-on trail destroyer mode. If you’re snowed in right now as I am, you’re looking for anything to keep you sharp for that first day on the trails come springtime.

Looking over the 12-week plan and all its exercise components, I am truly psyched to get in the gym. But one of the best parts of this training regimen is that you don’t even need a gym to do it. Forty five minutes, 3 times a week in any 5’x5′ space will do. Grab a jump rope and adjustable dumbbells and you’re ready to work your upper body in addition to conditioning your core and legs.

Along with the detailed explanation of the exercises, Bike James includes several nutrition tips about the most important meal, what you should be eating (and avoiding), and some great meal suggestions to feed those muscles you’re developing. Nutrition has always been the weak point of any “training” I’ve done in the past; I’m hoping that having the benefit of concise guidelines about it will allow me to take full advantage of this non-trail time.

I’ll report back as things progress. Perhaps next post I’ll be raffling off a couple tickets to the gun show. Dadum ching!

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  • trek7k

    I’m a big fan of any workout program that doesn’t require a ton of equipment or a fancy gym. I’m also terrible at the nutrition stuff so I’m interested to hear about your results.

  • Goo

    Yeah, nutrition definitely isn’t my strong point either!

  • dgaddis

    Here’s a recent nutrition tip I stumbled across while at lunch last week. If you go to Burger King, and get onion rings (which are healthier than french fries), don’t get the Zesty onion ring dipping sauce. Instead, get the maple syrup, it’s much healthier.

    syrup: 70 calories, none from fat
    zesty sauce: 150 calories, 140 from fat


    Of course, if you really want to be healthy, stay away from fast food!!


    Looking forward to hearing about your results. I was looking at this program the other day thinking I might try it myself.

  • markowe

    Sigh, if I had time for all the weights too, I am sure I would. But if you are juggling a job (or more than one), family and all kinds of other stuff, weight training is just one of those things I have found I have to cut out if I am to get ANY bike-time in over the winter. Guess I’ll just live without…

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