We want to know about the most technical, gnarliest trail you’ve found! Fill out the quick survey below to help us identify the most technically-difficult trails and we’ll share the results in a future article.

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  • kmac720

    Bear Creek, PA for the XC Nationals a couple years ago. Being from Michigan that was as techinical as I’ve seen.

  • Michael Paul

    Many come to mind but I think Blackjack in Buffalo Creek: it’s consistently technical with rocks, rolls, and drops. Only expert riders can clean it and there are no go-arounds. White line–yes–but that is more death-defying than techy–I think many people could ride it as long as the fear of death escapes them. Flying Monkey in Virgin. Several “un-metionables” in Moab: Dave’s Trails is the one that’s out of the bag. Several trails at Keystone and Angel Fire. Thank God for so many!!

  • Greg Heil

    Psycho Rocks at Crested Butte’s Evolution Bike Park for me. I’ve ridden all the other trails in the CB bike park, but I’ve only looked at Psycho Rocks from the lift and watched videos, and decided that it’s a whole lot of “nope” for me!!

    • Jeff Barber

      With a name like Psycho Rocks…

    • Michael Paul

      Everytime I cross over it on the lift I look at from the bottom and think “I can do that”, but by the time the life goes over and above it I’m too skeered…maybe this year

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