By now most of us are familiar with the mountain bike parks located at ski resorts with lift serviced terrain, jumps, and freeride obstacles but these days a new breed of purpose-built MTB resorts is popping up. Just last week we talked about ParkVida, a “six-star” mountain bike resort under construction in the Dominican Republic and now we’re hearing about a smaller scale project in Louisiana.

Cypress Bend Resort is located on Toledo Bend Lake in northwest Louisiana and offers five loops for all MTB skill levels. The press release we read boasted about the “up to 190 feet” of elevation change which we suppose is pretty impressive for one of the lowest states in the country (average elevation: 100 feet above sea level). The real attraction here should be the year-round riding weather (though I think I’ll plan my trip sometime other than July or August).

The new bike trails will be open for free through August 31, 2010. After that, resort guests can ride the trails for free and non-guests can purchase a day pass for $10. The better value seems to be the $20 day pass that includes access to the trails PLUS pool / sauna / hot tub / shower privileges.

The Cypress Bend project goes to show that mountain bike attractions may work just about anywhere (including old warehouses ala Ray’s Indoor). We’ve asked it before and we’ll ask it again: Is mountain biking becoming the new golf? Worse things could happen…

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  • AK_Dan

    Using Golf & MTB’n in the same sentence just doesn’t seem right…
    On one hand Im happy to see this as growing popularity gives us more backing, the old ‘strength in numbers’ scenario. However with this may be inviting a cross section of the public that maybe really shouldn’t be out of their golf carts. MTBr’s for the most part until now assume the risk riding as we have talked about many times here. By inviting those types of folks that like to be coddled & pampered into the sport is dangerous to the sport on a whole I believe. It may not happen while at the resort, some may go home and want to try and ride their local trails, the chance they get hurt while doing so are pretty high. First thing these types of people want to do is sue someone, as we have seen recently. Law suits just lead to more regulation and more trail closures, that’s not a good thing. I hate to sound so pessimistic, honestly Id love to go try out the resort, but there are some people that just should not be MTB’n.

  • dgaddis

    I wouldn’t worry about that Conspiracy_Dan. Those kinds of people wont make it very far before they get totally exhausted and walk their fat selves out of the woods never to return again.

  • ChiliPepper

    Way cool! We used to camp out at Toledo Bend Lake and then head south to Lake Charles for some good ole home Cajun and Creole food and music. Very beautiful place, and the resort I remember was pretty cool. Spent at least two times a year there and drove from Lafourche, LA, just south of Thibodaux, LA. Now, there is a bike park? Sooooo awesome! Wish I stilled lived there. As the good ole Cajuns would say…..”Laissez les bonne temps rouler mon amies!”

    Meaning…..”Let the good times roll my friends!”

  • Goo

    I can see going to the resort and bringing my MTB to ride a bit, but not dropping $10 on a day pass. Also, doesn’t seem like one would go to the resort primarily for the riding, but would rather view the riding as an added bonus, if you know what I mean.


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