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On October 2, Rocky Mountain Bicycles announced that thieves had broken into a container on the brand’s property on September 24 and stole all 160 bikes inside.

All of the mountain bikes stolen were brand new, 2019 models that were ready to ship to dealers across Canada.

“We are very disappointed with this situation, and the impact that it has on our IBD network. We have dealers across Canada that were expecting to receive their order from us in the coming weeks,” said Raymond Dutil, the CEO of Rocky Mountain.

Most of the bikes inside were full-suspension mountain bikes.

Rocky Mountain is urging any dealers or anyone that may come across one of these bikes to contact info@bikes.com so that Rocky Mountain can relay the information to the Vancouver Police Department who are currently investigating.

See the list of serial numbers here.

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  • rajflyboy

    I guess North Vancouver has Crime.

    You would need a big trailer to steal this much equipment. This must have been a well thought out robbery or even an inside job.

    Hopefully this will not hurt the company that much and they can still prosper this year.

    160 full squish bikes. That’s big money right there.


  • Jeff Barber

    A few years ago someone stole a trailer with 11 Santa Cruz bikes in it. The estimated loss was around $100K. This is more than 10X as many bikes!

  • John Fisch

    They should publish the serial numbers. I’m assuming they’re already sharing them with law enforcement.

    Gonna be hard to move that many bikes.

    • Matt Miller

      John, there is a link to the serial numbers at the bottom of the story 🙂

    • Sum Guy

      Too bad no one can access it. You have to be added to a sharepoint list.

  • Lisa E.

    Nope. Not believing it for a second. How does someone steal 160 bikes??! They have no security cameras? That’s a lot of bikes. You’d need a big container or steal them one at a time. Even so….. Nah.

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