Yesterday, June 6th, GT just announced the release of its brand-new downhill bike: the Fury. The bike was developed in conjunction with Gee, Dan, and Rachel Atherton, who signed on with GT back at the beginning of 2012.

The Fury features brand new geometry and technology, and according to the riders and developers it represents a new pinnacle for GT’s downhill technology.

Marc Beaumont said, “The new Fury is easily the best handling Downhill bike I have ever ridden, racing it so much fun.”

Gee agreed, “We really have pushed this one to the limits – it feels amazing.”

The bike has been in the works ever since the Athertons joined GT in early 2012–and now it’s finally done. The Athertons have been punishing the prototypes in testing, but the Fort William DH race, the first world cup race of the year (June 8-9), marks the official release of the Fury and the first time that Gee, Dan, Rachel, and the other Atherton racing team members will be racing production-model Furys.

For more information on the development of the fury, be sure to check out this video:

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