SRAM 1×12 is officially here! While it may have been one of the worst-kept product launch secrets in recent memory, and we were even speculating about an expanding gear range following the new Boost 148 spacing from last year, 12-speed is now officially official!


Dubbed “Eagle” XX1 and X01, SRAM is adding yet another label to their list of product names, so equate anything regarding “Eagle” and “Eagle Technology” with 12-speed. According to SRAM,

“The new XX1 and X01 drivetrains, featuring Eagle™ Technology, are collections of components that have been engineered for a whole new level of ride quality and integration. These drivetrains have not only been refined, we have torn them apart, built them up, tested, tweaked, engineered and tested again. Eagle™ Technology delivers a drivetrain that is smoother, simpler, more durable and quieter than anything you’ve ever ridden. Add to that Eagle’s massive  gear range, and you have greater freedom to ride how you want, where you want. Performance, durability, simplicity, range, freedom: Introducing Eagle™, only from SRAM.”

Just how big is that gear range? With the new 10-50 tooth cassette: 500%.



In addition to a wide range at a lower weight than 2×10, SRAM has updated all of the parts of the drivetrain from derailleur to cassette to chain to crankset to provide an all-around improved shifting package.

XX1 Total Price: $1,417

XX1 Total Weight: 1456g

X01 Total Price: $1,193

X01 Total Weight: 1,502g

Be sure to check out SRAM’s launch video for a brief overview:


Check out all the details in the press release, below:













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  • cavermatthew

    Why so many gears? I used to think 1×11 was the highest the market would ever dare to go, but I stand corrected. I rock 1×9 like it’s the next big thing and I like it that way. Watch out, 1×13 is coming! 🙂

    • Jeff Barber

      I think you’re right, 1×13 is next (unless the marketing folks decide 13 sounds too unlucky and they jump right to 14.) But after that, the real innovation will be 0-by. How will this be possible? One word: batteries. 🙂

    • habakak

      There is a limit to how wide the cassette can be. 1×13 might be possible especially now with the wider BOOST hubs, but just like an 11-speed cassette cannot fit on hubs that were built for 9 or 10 speed cassettes, you will run into hub issues. There is also a limit on how wide the hub body can get, so adding one more cog is not going to be answer forever.

      Besides, with a 500% range, it almost matches 2x and 3x drivetrains WITHOUT the overlap of FD based systems and with added simplicity.

      I think the big (potential) wins with this new 1×12 setup is the smoother operation and longer life times (again, potential according to the design details). It seems like a good step in the right direction.

      Now that the range issue seems to be mostly addressed, I think we’ll go electronic (shifting first, later possibly for braking and suspension). And going electronic will be wired and then wireless. So there’s always something that can be improved (I know a lot of people won’t think these are improvements and technology allows incremental change only most of the time).

      For me it’s all about the options. I love all the new wheel sizes and tire options. As much as I have no need or desire for a fat bike, I know a lot of people do. I am sold on + bikes though!

    • Greg Heil

      While I agree with you on some of this, you’re wrong on this point: “but just like an 11-speed cassette cannot fit on hubs that were built for 9 or 10 speed cassettes, you will run into hub issues.”

      Actually, both Shimano AND SRAM have 11-speed cassettes that work on standard freehub bodies that accept 9 and 10 speed cassettes. And while the 12-speed cassette currently cannot, it uses the same SRAM driver that the SRAM 11-speed cassettes started off using–no additional spacing required.

    • Jeff Barber

      Ah, but that’s assuming we’ve reached the limit in terms of how thin the cogs and chain can be… What if there’s a material or process out there that can be used to create durable, paper-thin cogs. Heck, just finding a way to make cogs (and chains) 20% thinner could mean 2 more gears crammed into the same hub width.

    • Aaron Chamberlain

      Carbon nano tube chain!

      But for real Jeff, you bring up a good point. A lot of times our visions of what will come down the line are limited because we think in terms of our current tech and processes. Apparently with this Eagle group, SRAM created an entirely new process for manufacturing their chain. The improvements made for the 12-speed chain could eventually be made to 10 and 11-speed.

      I always think about what tires will be like in the future. What if you could create a material that could change it’s friction properties automatically? And pair that with a wheel that could adjust pressure on the fly. Your tire’s pressure and grip levels would be able to change on the fly. Riding on the road, the pressure goes up and rolling resistance goes down. Hit the trail and the pressure drops and the tire gets grippier.

      Who’s working on this???

    • jkldouglas

      I see what you guys are talking about when referencing how thin chains and cassette cogs can get. I actually tend to think that the main limiting factor for 1X drivetrains will be ground clearance. They have managed to keep the ground clearance of the Eagle rear derailleur the same as the 1X11 even with the 50t. However that would always be the case if you continue to increase the large cog in the back. You could run into a situation where you start ripping derailleurs off due to rocks and other obstacles.

    • jkldouglas

      *However that won’t

  • Jared13

    I love new technology! Especially when it doesn’t involve a new standard.

    I’d like to see a 1×13 just because it’s my favorite number, but I’d like to see the gearbox rumors become reality even more. It might be a bit heavier, but I think it’d be even more reliable than what we currently have.

    • arkinet

      next will be either manual or automatic gear shifting

  • sunwalker

    Wow! In 50 years we’ve gone from 2×5 to 1×12 for only $1400. I’m blown away!

  • ARDurand

    I haven’t seen it as much on this site but it “grinds my gears” when people bitch about new technology and products from companies like SRAM. If they didn’t continue to put money into R&D, they would end up like Suntour and fail to be a company that anyone looks to for innovation.

    If a person is rocking a 3×7 or 1×11 or anywhere in between, take some antibiotics for your upgraditus and be happy with what you have until it’s time to upgrade bikes or until you can’t stand it and get Eagle or the trickle down that will be coming.

    No one is going to end your life if you don’t have the best of the best and the newest of the newest. If this really bothers you, please don’t let it ruin your day.

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