The Orange Mud Transition Wrap and Seat Cover is like a beach towel on steroids.  It’s a great, versatile piece of gear to add to your biking, hiking, or camping arsenal.

The first purpose of the Transition Wrap is to allow you to change out of your dirty, sweaty biking gear in a parking lot with a little modesty. We’ve all been there: you get done with a ride and have a long drive home, but who wants to ride home in those sweaty bike shorts?  So you quickly try to change using the car door as a shield, or sitting in the front seat of your car. With the Transition Wrap, you don’t have to!

The Orange Mud Transition Wrap and Seat Cover hooks securely around your chest or waist.

I found that, for simply changing pants, the wrap works better secured around my waist.  However, if I were showering at a campground after a bike ride, being able to hook it around my chest would be great!

The Orange Mud Transition Wrap and Seat Cover will securely fit around the waist of almost any adult.

Today, after a trail run, I decided to change out of my leggings and into some jeans.  I hooked the transition wrap around my waist and:

Carefully pulled my leggings down while keeping all the “important parts” covered.

I was then able to slip on my jeans without showing off anything else to passersby.  Even better–I was never cold!

The Transition Wrap works well for that application.  It’s just nice to have something to throw around you, that won’t fall off like a beach towel would, when you’re changing.

In the photo above, you can see a portion of a zippered area.  This is for the Transition Wrap’s second purpose:  Seat Cover.

The Orange Mud Transition Wrap AND Seat Cover has dual purposes!  After a rainy, muddy, or just plain dirty bike ride, use this to keep your car seats clean.  Simply zip up the “hoodie” portion of the transition wrap, and you’ve got yourself a seat cover:

The zippered hood keeps the seat cover securely on your seat.

This is a great way to keep your seats clean after muddy, rainy, or dusty bike rides or trail runs.

The wrap/seat cover comes in a variety of colors like pink, lime green, and black, and retails for $39.95.  It can be purchased here.

I think this wrap is just a good piece to keep in your car.  It’s a towel, a wrap, and a seat cover… it literally “covers” lots of bases!

Many thanks to Orange Mud for providing the Transition Wrap and Seat Cover for review, and to Deep Creek Public Relations for organizing the review.

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  • GimmeAraise

    I cant tell you how many times I could use this. Not so much out of my house, but when I drive to trail heads and what not, I hate wearing my bibs any longer then I have to. This is would remedy my issue of getting naked in the parking lot 🙂

    • mtbikerchick

      Exactly! I think eventually we all just figure, “Oh well!” but it’s nice to have the option to be a little more modest. Many times riding up the road from the end of Mary’s I’ve looked over at a car at just the wrong moment and thought, “OH no…” Transition wraps for all!

  • musikron

    As long as I don’t catch a public indecency charge for airing my dingle dangle or full moon out for two seconds I hopefully won’t regret not buying this.

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