Native Eyewear Ward sunglasses, named after the famous cycling climb up LeftHand canyon to Ward, were designed with style and comfort in mind for the rider who wants good coverage on the trail, and a stylish set of lenses to wear both on and off the bike.

The Ward Wood has natural lines that blend well with the places we ride

The Ward Wood has natural lines that blend well with the places we ride

The Deets:

Details of the sunglasses can be found here.

  • N3™ Lens Technology
  • SportFlex™ Lens Kit Included
  • Co-Injected Rhyno-Tuff® Air Frames
  • Cushinol™
  • Cam-Action Hinges
  • Mastoid Temple Grip™
  • Optic Gear Kit
  • Interchangeable Lens System
The polarized lenses are exceptional at filtering sharp desert rays

The polarized lenses are exceptional at filtering sharp desert rays. Unfortunately they do nothing for helmet hair.

Aside from comfort, the first thing I noticed when I put on the Wards were how crisp the polarized lenses were. The lenses were crystal clear with high contrast, and stayed that way until they got dirty. Native says that they block up to four times the infrared light compared to other polarized lenses, reduce blue light by filtering UV, and provide UV protection up to 400nm.DSC_0266

I also had little to no issues with fogging unless I was using them near or below freezing. When they did fog, they cleared out quickly after just a few seconds of pedaling. They were very easy to clean with the included lens bag. DSC_0255

One interesting thing I have never seen on other shades are the cam-action lenses, which require you to pop them past a certain point, keeping the arms in place and locked for rowdy biking descents. This also prevents the arms from flopping fully open when you pull them out of the case, and damaging the hinges if you are clumsy like me. DSC_0273

I tested the Wards while mountain biking, road cycling, running, hiking, driving, and during flat-out loitering. The Air Frames felt light and stayed put, and I never felt the need to push them up or readjust them. The small nose bombs, integrated into the frame, are a bonus because they are low profile, svelte, and have no pieces to lose.DSC_0261

I was impressed that these stayed put even on some pretty gnarly lines when I rounded out my testing in Moab, UT. Even with the sun beating down on my face, and sweat on my nose, the Wards did not move. I was also fortunate enough to test them in the higher altitudes of Colorado too, in the winter, with snow on the ground–they beat back snow glare exceptionally well. DSC_0271

The Ward also comes with interchangeable lenses that are lighter for low light conditions and have a reflective coating to them. Changing the lenses is easy and the lenses conveniently store into slots built into the case top. DSC_0260

To round out the package, the Wards were packaged in a high quality hard case and had a silky lens bag that doubles as the cleaner.

The only complaint I have about these glasses is that the case zipper came apart after 4 weeks, but that is not a reflection of the the glasses themselves

The only complaint I have about these glasses is that the case zipper came apart after 4 weeks, but that is not a reflection of the the glasses themselves

Most of all, I really like the way that these look. Many other cycling frames are too “cycling-specific” to wear off the bike. The photos clearly illustrate that these sunglasses are designed to wear no matter what you are doing, and are even more versatile with the interchangeable lenses. They come in seven different colorways to compliment almost anyone’s style and preference. DSC_0696

The Ward, as with all Native Eyewear, are backed by a lifetime warranty.

Native Eyewear has become my favorite eyewear company, born and bred in Colorado and designed for people like us. The Wards are a perfect representation of a company that obviously cares about manufacturing a quality product that keeps up with the high performance of those who wear them. With a reasonable MSRP of $129, it is the only shades you will need no matter what you do.

Thanks to Native Eyewear for providing the Wards for review.


Paul stumbled upon mountain biking in his twenties after upgrading his rigid purple Roadmaster to a shiny yellow Cannondale Super V900 . He resides in central Colorado, where he preaches the gospel of the (true) fat tire and he's been known to ride excessive amounts of wheelies. He is known for being surly, is opinionated, delights in run on sentences, and probably doesn't care what you think. He believes in following the rules. He frowns on people who don't do the right thing, or people who take themselves too seriously. His biggest pet peeve are Subarus that creep along slowly in the left lane. His best conversations are often with himself. When he is not riding, he appreciates exotic espresso, craft libations, Led Zeppelin, and making excuses. He's been known to jump out of perfectly good aircraft and pet sharks underwater (simultaneously). His fat bike is more prepared for the zombie apocalypse than you are. When he is not trying to be funny, Paul also likes traveling the world, photography, being a dad, and chronicling his crotchety shenanigans. Platypus. That is all.
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