These days you don’t see too many mountain bikers rocking clipless pedals from Look but the company is stepping up efforts to get back into the MTB market. Look actually invented the clipless pedal for road bikes back in the 1980s (hard to believe) but has seen its market share erode on the mountain bike scene as folks chose pedals from Shimano and Crank Brothers.

The Gear Junkie reviewed one of the new Look pedal sets last week – the Quartz Carbon. Mr. Junkie describes the pedals as “middle of the road” but to most of us a $199 pair of pedals is more like top of the mountain 😉 . The pedals are certainly light (125 grams each) and it sounds like they perform well in the mud but I imagine many riders accustomed to SPD-style pedals won’t be willing to take the time to learn an expensive new pedal system with few obvious improvements over existing tech.

We’ll certainly be watching to see how Look does in the MTB market in the coming years. In the meantime we’ve added a new survey for singletracks members to find out what pedals you’re using – stay tuned for the results!

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  • steve32300


    found this on the wrc lbs bike shop web page here in colorado,did’nt see anything otherwise for this on singletrack’s so check it out if you have the keo look pedal’s from 04′ to 05′.there recalling the pedal’s for breaking the axel and have had some injurie’s due to the failure.

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