It’s no secret: mountain biking can be an expensive sport at times. With the economy as rocky as it has been, it can be tough to keep up with the latest and greatest bike gear and components. Add in the fact that normally when you spend more money you get a better product, and it makes it even harder to cut back.

However, every now and then a product comes along whose quality belies its price. Enter Ecyclingstore.com.

Ecyclingstore is a distributor of mountain and road biking clothing, components, accessories, and more. A couple months back they emailed me asking if I’d be interested in trying out some of their gear, and of course I said yes.

Colorado Jersey

Even after getting dirty, the jersey cleans up well.

Ecyclingstore’s jerseys are made from 100% Polyester DrySport(tm) wicking fabric and feature a hidden 15-inch 3/4 zip, elastic waist, elastic cuffs, and the traditional 3 pockets. What sets Ecyclingstore apart is the number of designs they offer–according to their website, they currently have 180 men’s cycling jerseys, 46 women’s cycling jerseys, 36 mountain biking jerseys, and 16 long sleeve jerseys… and possibly more! If you are familiar with Sock Guy, Ecyclingstore seems to have done with jerseys what Sock Guy did with socks. If you can imagine a jersey design, Ecyclingstore probably has it!

I have long wanted a Colorado mountain bike jersey, and this was the perfect chance to get one. The graphics incorporate the classic Colorado logo on the sleeves, as well as some very snazzy Rocky Mountain graphics front and center.

Blazing fast in the Colorado jersey.

Out on the trail, this jersey wore much like you’d expect any 100% polyester jersey to wear. It wicked sweat well, felt light and airy, and got plenty stinky after just one ride: all par for the polyester course.

I’m not a big fan of 3/4 zip designs in general, so I personally would have appreciated a full-length zip option. Also, this jersey definitely didn’t feel as comfortable as other polyester jerseys that I own. That’s not to say it was uncomfortable–it was just a bit rougher to the touch than my favorite jerseys. However, as I mentioned at the beginning of the article, this is a pretty affordable jersey: current retail price is $49.99, and if you shop some of their sales, you can probably score one for even less.

Outlaw Bullet Shorts

Outlaw Bullet Short

While the jersey was pretty standard fare, the Outlaw Bullet shorts are a completely different story. Made of 4-ply nylon with a combination elastic/drawstring waist, large cargo pockets, and a built-in one-piece chamois, these shorts look pretty unassuming at first. That is, until you pull them on: for a pair of long, baggy shorts without vents, these are hands-down the airiest shorts that I have ever worn! The nylon ventilates superbly, making them comfortable even on very hot days.

Normally, when I think of light, airy clothing, I immediately assume that it will get shredded on the first crash. After several unexpected “dismounts,” I am happy to report that despite being very airy and breathable, these shorts are also durable and can hold their own in a crash. How they managed it, I’m not really sure, but these shorts are still in the same condition as when I first got them.

Wearing the Outlaw Bullet short at Coldwater Mountain in Alabama.

Where the taint meets the saddle, the chamois is respectably comfortable–not the most comfortable I have ever used, but pretty close. I also found that the built-in liner kept the chamois in the perfect spot–not too loose, not too tight.

Some baggies that I’ve worn had a horrible oversight: they either had nowhere to store gear, or the pockets they did have were too small to be of much use. A lack of storage room is definitely not a concern with the Outlaw Bullet shorts. Each leg features a large cargo pocket, complete with a zipper closure to make sure that whatever you stow doesn’t fall out.

Circling back to where I started this article, what truly sets these shorts apart is the price. You get a great fit, excellent ventilation, respectable chamois, and spacious storage for just $59.99. The last two pairs of shorts that I reviewed retailed for about a hundred bucks each, and while perhaps they do edge out the Outlaw Bullet in construction and comfort, it’s hard to argue with $40 in savings.

Bottom Line

Ecyclingstore makes and distributes quality gear at a price the average mountain biker can afford. Save some money on your riding kit, and put it toward a repair when you really need it!

Many thanks to Ecyclingstore for sending this gear over for review!

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  • maddslacker

    Bike stuff can get pretty expensive pretty fast. It’s great to come across gear that doesn’t suck, but that is still good quality!

  • mtbgreg1

    @maddslacker, yeah it’s a breath of fresh air!

    @fleetwood, no problem!

  • casto

    so if i mention this Article when i purchase some gear, will they give you some more free stuff??? haha Thanks btw, ALWAYS looking for a good deal. Nice action photo above as well.

    • mtbgreg1

      Thanks man!

  • klowe8828

    the pricing is kind of ridiculous…in an awesome context. I will peruse after work and most likely get in trouble again with the wife when there’s another UPS box at the door after work. She sends her thanks to Greg.

    • mtbgreg1

      Lol nice

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