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The terrain consists mostly of rolling hills with moderately steep slopes interspersed throughout. Fire roads & snowmobile trails circle and loop through dense hardwood forest over hilly terrain. Branching off these fire roads are more challenging single-track spur trails that provide a variety of trail experiences from fast and smooth to technical, with roots, grass and loose rocks. No motor vehicles are allowed.
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Trail features
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Q: Are jeeps allowed on the trails that dont say "no motor vehicles" because the sign say no ATVs but it allows trucks -Guest

A: Jeeps, trucks, motorcycles & cars are only allowed on the doubletrack roads that connect from Tyrrel road to the Taconic State Parkway lot. This information is in the kiosks.

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Q: Can someone give a description of the loops to take? Take this trail to this trail to this trail... -Rocco J Pietrofesa

A: dude. one hardly needs a guide to take full advantage of this great place. Just go there and ride! you don't need more than a compass! ha. every trail is awesome. Pre internet I never got too lost in the woods.

roygump answered on August 24, 2019. Did you find this helpful? Yes | No

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Granny Gear

October 9, 2017
Nin12347 Granny Gear  
Review: I love these trails. They provide a great mix of terain for all skill levels. I definatly recommed ant hill for beginers and byk head foe more expereanced riders. Definaly ride byk head in the fall for the most rewarding view.

Granny Gear

September 18, 2017
Review: This is my local trail and where I learned--and continue to learn--to ride mountain bikes. This is my second season, and I'd consider myself a beginner-intermediate rider. I just started riding mountain bikes last summer and have only been to a few different places to ride, but I rode BMX as a kid and have been riding dirt bikes and other motorcycles since before I remember. That said, I find 909 to be a great set of trails. It's a large park for the area with quite a few more trails than I am currently in shape to do in a day. As others mentioned, you won't get lost here thanks to the fire road that runs through the center of the park. But there are a ton of trails--and after two summers, I'm still finding new ones. I usually start my rides out on Mercury and Mustang, both of which feature some great technical turns and fast but comfortable downhill straights. Tango is my favorite trail, with a long, fast downhill section and some excellent technical features. Byk Hed is fantastic and long, with a medium climb up from the Taconic Parkway entrance and a ton of technical riding and some nice, fast sections. Fong's Way is a hefty climb that's definitely worth the effort. It's the most technical trail that I've ridden at 909 and one of the most rewarding. There are also a few trails that feature drops and very steep downhill sections that are simply outside my current skillset. As such, I haven't ridden them much and can't offer any details--but I look forward to the day I'll consider them fun instead of terrifying. For me, the downsides to 909 are too many steep climbs--I don't mind some but you really have to climb here to have a good time. (But the payoff is in long trails with solid fast sections.) The fire road is great for getting to other trailheads quickly (and getting back to your car when your legs are shot), but there are sometimes cars and the occasional dirt bike that drive too quickly without enough caution. You also have to watch out for hikers and dogs at this park. (Mine among them.) But they are relatively few and far between. Lastly, as others mentioned, the trails aren't very well marked, so even if you don't get lost, you might have trouble planning an exact trail run without some prior experience on the trails. All said, this is an excellent park and one that's worth making a trip to. The trails are well maintained and the people who ride here regularly are all friendly in the parking lot and courteous on the trails. And even if you show up and the parking lot and the sides of the roads are full of cars, once you're on the trails, you may not see another soul.

Granny Gear

August 14, 2016
squaatchh Granny Gear  
Review: Lots of trails to ride . Mostly intermediate with some challenging climbs . Once you learn the trails you'll find a few good downhill sections (such as bykehead and super d). Trails are kept good except for someone that keeps blocking off parts of trails with sticks and rocks ...


Granny Gear

May 25, 2017
Review: Wide range of trails to suit all levels of experience. Fire roads and double track to tight, techy steep winding singletrack. Trails are not very well marked but the fire road runs through the middle of property so orienting ones location isn't overly difficult. As was mentioned by a previous reviewer the "stick blockings" are not malicious. They are placed to prevent alternate lines and trail entrances. Trails are built to be ridden a specific way, and unofficial routes are typically blocked by many of the original trail builders. There are no ladder bridges, skinnies berms or trail features besides natural ones, however there are plenty of trails with challenging features and punchy quick technical climbs.

May 19, 2016
Review: Great trail network...trail marking has A LOT to be desired. Markings at trail intersections are mostly nonexistent.

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Bunny Hop

June 3, 2015
Review: I highly recommend this trail. Lots of trails very fun to ride easy to get to. Its easy and very technical. Be on the look out for bears. Its well marked.

Bunny Hop

March 8, 2015
kas107 Bunny Hop  
Review: Good trails, many require advanced skills or at least a lot of experience. There are a greater number of trails that require less abilities though than there are trails requiring more.

Granny Gear

June 13, 2014
smarshall Granny Gear  
Review: Taconic-Hereford 909 is definitely one of the best and most popular trail systems in the area. I mostly ride here or Stewart, depending on what type of ride I'm in the mood for. 909 has a lot of small & medium-sized climbs and downhills. Your legs definitely get a workout here. 909 is pretty technical in a lot of spots. A beginner can definitely ride many of the trails here (I started here as a novice too) but there are also a lot of sections that will be a real challenge to intermediate and advance riders as well. A lot of rocks, roots, stream-beds, loose-rock climbs, a couple decent technical downhills, and the occasional drop or jump. The area is pretty big and there are countless miles of trails to ride, and it's not too bad as far as getting lost- the main fire road runs from one end of the park to the other so you can find your way back without too much issue. Parking lots are big and can seem crowded when you arrive, but once you get out onto the trail, there's no traffic at all. Just to contrast, Stewart State Forest, which as I mentioned is my alternate riding spot, is less technical and has less elevation changes i.e. few climbs or downhills. But you'll have more of a fast and smooth ride then at 909 and you'll cover more miles.


November 7, 2013
mhmendez Gramcounter  
Review: Plenty of stuff to ride. There are a couple decent climbs but that means there are some nice downhills.


August 27, 2012
ac90002 Gnarly  
Review: Ever go rock scrambling? Course you have. Can be pretty challenging but you'll be fine if you just focus & keep yr balance, especially in the slippery jagged rock sections. Now come here and try it on your mtn bike. There are some trails here that are just straight singletrack with no obstacles, a la Stewart Airport. And there are some with short sharp climbs over rocks that are testing

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Granny Gear

January 14, 2012
balus Granny Gear  
Review: great trails, much more than 15 miles. thing more like 30 miles. fire roads and singletrack. some new singletracks add last summer. rocks, roots, stones. classic northeast trails

Taconic-hereford MTB Trail 4.45 out of 5 based on 10 ratings. 10 user reviews.
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