10 Trails in Kaleden, British Columbia

Trail Name Difficulty Length (mi) Rating City
Skaha Bluffs Provincial Park 10.0 Kaleden
Kettle Valley Railway Trail (KVR) Myra Canyon to Penticton return Easiest 500.0 ***** Kelowna
Kettle Valley Railroad (KVR) Osyoos to Oliver return 32.0 Osoyoos
Three Blind Mice Trail Network Intermediate 18.0 ***** Penticton
Test of Humanity/Cartwright Mountain Intermediate 6.0 **** Summerland
MT Conkle Advanced 10.0 ***** Summerland
Conkle Bonk (MT Conkle) 3.4 Summerland
Ditch Out (MT Conkle) 0.2 Summerland
Full Frontal (MT Conkle) 2.9 Summerland
Frontside (MT Conkle) 1.1 Summerland