Itusi @ Lake Norman State Park

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↑ 3,100 ft
↓ 2,600 ft
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Awesome new trail. Textbook version of what IMBA teaches. As far as construction, this has to be the most amazing trail you can find: bridges, crib walls, bench cuts, etc.

As far as riding, it's not technical excpet for the occasional root cluster to bunny hop. There are some short climbs that seem to flow with the terrain that give you a short break. The downhill sections are wide and flow with the shape of the land. There are plenty of whoops to keep it exciting. This trail can be a challenge if you want to ride really fast; really makes you work on technique in corners, switchbacks. Just watch out for the runners (esp. the ones with headphones that can't hear you coming up from behind).
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Trail features
  • Lift Service
  • Drinking Water
  •   Night Riding
  • Pump Track
  • Restrooms
  • Winter Fat Biking
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Q: Does it cost money -Guest

A: Nope. Entry into Lake Norman State Park is free

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System Trails (9)
System Trails (9)
Wildlife Loop
Fallstown Loop
Monbo Loop
Fox Loop
Hawk Loop
Laurel Loop
Norwood Loop
Hicks Creek Loop
Laurel Loop Connector
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Bunny Hop

June 20, 2019
brooksb5 Bunny Hop  
Review: Quick, flowing, with a good trail variety. Itusi is kind of the beginner.

Laurel is probably the most difficult and the longest at 9mi, with the most elevation.
Monbo (personal fav) is 6, Wildlife is 6 and fun

Granny Gear

September 15, 2017
macdady Granny Gear  
Review: My new favorite place to ride! I have ridden every trail and there all good, my favorites are Laurel, Wildlife, Fox and Monbo! Fun, Fun, Fun, Flow,Flow,Flow! Laurel and Monbo will get your heart beating on the hill climbs and some good speed on the down hills, plus I get to use my dropper post, Yay! Beautiful facility and grounds also, Trails are very well marked and easy to follow, I think the odd/even year trail direction is brilliant and more trails should adapt to that. Put this place on your must ride list! Its not super technical or difficult to ride, beginner to expert would enjoy!

Similar Trail: Sherman Branch

Granny Gear

July 15, 2017
gford Granny Gear  
Review: Rode this trail for the first time and was really impressed with the flow. I think this has just became my favorite. I rode all of Laurel loop along with wildlife ew

Granny Gear

May 8, 2017
mwh29 Granny Gear  
Review: Only had time to ride 2 of the loops, but they were very enjoyable. Trails are well maintained and clean, with good variety to suit beginners and pro's alike. Highly recommend it!

Granny Gear

September 30, 2016
Review: If you like fast flowing single track, this is your place.


August 26, 2016
Joel DH Doubletrack  
Review: This is one of my favorite trail networks in NC. The trails are superbly maintained and constructed, with fun dips to keep things interesting. Pump-worthy lines are everywhere. The only thing this trail misses is some new-school flow features, like some jumps or berms. However, now that I think about it, the lack of these features is one of the things I like about this trail. Just singletrack, winding through the woods, without seeing the hand of man except for the occassional sign. This trail, especially Hawk and Luarel loops, are awsome. come once, and you will come again.


July 6, 2016
masonjar Gramcounter  
Review: Fun fun fun


March 13, 2016
N8XC Trailblazer  
Review: This trail borders beginner/intermediate. It's just so damn smooth and flows beautifully! If you're looking for speed and want to work on your pumping technique, this is the trail for you! It's nature's roller coaster.


March 13, 2016
N8XC Trailblazer  
Review: So smooth and maintained! This is a must for those who love flow. Plenty of mileage to be had here.

Similar Trail: Flying Squirrel @ Chicopee

Granny Gear

April 13, 2015
CC Granny Gear  
Review: I live in Florida and was excited about riding these trails when visiting during a family trip. The new nature center is gorgeous with plenty of parking for bikers, hikers and visitors. My son and I checked the bulletin board to get bearings and started on Hawk Loop then connected to Norwood Loop. About 2 miles in to the ride we came across a rider going in the opposite direction. We pulled over to let him pass and he said in odd years the direction of riding is counter-clockwise. I didn't remember seeing trail direction of this web site or the trailhead bulletin board. Finishing the Hawk-Norwood Loops ride we came across another rider that told us again we were riding in the wrong direction. I replied with a quick "new here, almost done with this ride". Hawk Loop and Norwood Loop are great trails beautifully maintained and marked.

After a short rest we set off for Monbo Loop remembering to ride counter-clockwise. We encounter another rider going in the opposite direction and again were told we're riding the wrong way. My son and I chuckle because now we're confused. The guy said something about following the hiking signs and before 4pm, we replied "okay thanks" and kept riding. About mile 6 on Monbo yet another rider says 'wrong direction'. I replied "you're not the first to tell me I'm confused and almost done but not turning around". Then he says "I'm not asking I'm telling you." Seriously, that's what he said. I replied "have a nice day" and kept pedaling.

Finished with Monbo, by the way what a great trail, beautifully laid out and maintained, good climbs and downhills, easily our favorite trail. We again checked the bulletin board but could not find any information about riding direction. I was a little peeved with the last encounter but my son and I laughed it off as we rested and stretched.

We finished the day on Laurel Loop, this trail is a step up from Hawk, Norwood and Monbo. Steeper climbs and descents with technical sections at the bottom of descents and top of climbs. Our legs couldn't take the entire 9 mile Laurel Loop so the cutover shortening the trail to 4.5 miles was welcome.

I would definitely recommend these trails, hopefully a local club will post ride direction on the trailhead bulletin board for visitors.


Granny Gear

July 17, 2015
Review: dont worry about the riders on the monbo loop they were WRONG it is counter Clock Wise on odd years and Clock Wise on Even Years on All Trails

I Recommend riding the Wild Life Loop and its sub Loops Fox loop and Fallstown Loop but i would do it on an even year because on an odd year you will be doing mostly up hill and on an even year mostly down hill

how you get to the trail is ride your bike out of the park and take a left on Wild life Road and it will be on the left it can also be connected to Laurel Loop as laurel loop has an extension from it going to wild life road so look for where laurel loop comes to the road and just go straight across the road from where that is

Itusi @ Lake Norman State Park MTB Trail 4.49 out of 5 based on 46 ratings. 46 user reviews.
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