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215 union st. rocland ma.
Rockland, Massachusetts

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  • crickey02

    ews but Dave at Rockland Cycle is well worth the review. I was in the market for a new mountain bike and my friend told me to go to Dave. Not only did he know everything there was about all different bikes and components but he took the time to help me find the perfect bike for me within my price range. He showed me all my options and gave me the pros, cons, and his personal opinion. Once I decided on a bike he ordered it immediately and told me he'd have it ready to go in a week. A week later I was on my brand new mountain bike. I've been to other, bigger bike stores and the staff are not nearly as knowledgable, helpful, or passionate as Dave. Since purchasing the bike I drop in every so often to let me know how the bike is riding and to just talk bikes in general. He is always happy to shoot the breeze. In my opinion there is no one better on the south shore to go to for bikes. His shop may be small but what do you expect from a small, one man business? I highly recommend Rockland Cycle for the knowledge, honesty, and prices. Thanks Dave!

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  • gossemer75

    Dave @ Rockland Cycle is great! He is very knowledgeable in all things cycling as well as many other things that he is more then happy to chat about. Also he is one of the few and far in-between wheel builders. I'm one of those folks that believe if I'm gonna spend my hard earned money I'm gonna give it to the place that gives me the best service for my dollar, and that's definitely Dave at Rockland Cycle. Next time you need anything for you bike, what ever kind it is, head on over. Oh P.S if ya wanna hear some good stories ask him about the races he's done, he's got a little bit of that by the register..

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