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3787 Youree Dr
Shreveport, Louisiana
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  • JwoodLSU

    Love this place !!! Just got my first Mountain Bike from here .. Marlin 5 ... Owner and everyone is amazing !!!!!!!!!! One stop shop also ... I got my bike , helmet, lights , camel pack and amazing service!!!

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  • GTXC4

    I have to be honest here.

    I have visited this bike store for quite some time, think close to 8 years now. From someone who is, what I consider an avid rider and knows something about mountain biking and a customer who likes to support local stores, it is okay.

    Here is why:

    1. Most of the time, they speak as if you're new to the sport. I have never understood this. I think it is safe to say that I know a little something about the passion. I've ridden multiple bikes in various places and disciplines to know something all this time. Only a fraction of my adventures are ever recorded or documented. (Yea, I'm old school) To add to this, I have built and maintain my own bikes. I understand that this isn't most people (yet many in this sport), however you don't speak to customers this way as a rule of thumb, in any business.

    2. They try to tell you what you want (what they want you to purchase), rather than what you want. This was done to both myself and my father in law, again not knowing that we; a.) have ridden a good bit and b.) travel and enjoy riding in other places. Again, not a good rule of thumb to convince a customer that what you have in stock is what they want and to assume that they only ride in the local area.

    3. Maintenance is substandard. This would be at the top of the list, however the previous two beat it to the punch. When you pay for a service and you have to go behind and redo the work, well that isn't service. This has also happened across this time span. The first time I was way out of state and had reinstall and index my rear derailleur myself, so no point there. When I called about it, I was told that yea, it could come loose and that happens. It was what it was. The subsequent times after that (2 more), same substandard level of maintenance. The only reason I went here was for the sake of being out of town and time. At this point, I'll save myself the money and do it right. Scooter's was the place to go, however he has retired and closed his shop.

    4. Last time I went in to ask for some small parts, they were over-inquisitive about what I was doing. When I explained it, it was clear that the service guy had no idea. So I just mentioned that I love working on my own rig and knew I could get the parts from them. Then the guy comes across as if they could do that and I should have just brought it in. Not sure what he was getting at.

    5. The last time we went to order a bike for my son, it was like a run around. Just unnecessary miscommunication. We had to work to fill the gaps, why?

    There are some nice people here, the owner/manager is anyway. However, I just get what I need and get out of there as fast as I can.

    Can they order what you need? Yes, if they are a distributor/dealer or carry those brands.
    Will you pay a fair price? Yes, they have not once been unreasonable.
    Friendly staff? Depends on who you encounter.

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  • buzz60

    I recently purchased a mountain bike here. Everyone was very helpful and knowledgeable and set me up with everything I needed to get started. I highly recommend this shop for anyone wanting to purchase a new bike or assessories.

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  • Steve Rost

    Experience and knowledge blew me away. Great selection of bikes and accessories, hooked me right up with what I needed.

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  • boone3368

    Great experience with RCC. All of the employees that I dealt with were knowledgeable and friendly. I felt they were genuinely interested in my having a positive experience and in making sure that I bought the right bike form my mission (not just the most expensive one).

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