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301 Grand Ave
West Des Moines, Iowa

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  • Andrew Havlovic

    Took my bike in for a tune-up. Took three days to get it back. Decent service though. Nice shop with above average selection.

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    • Terrance Roode

      what is it with bike stores and being so condescending. I know gear quite well, and yes I down play it a bit to see what htey say and where they take it.They have attitude. I literally have not been in some bike store because of that . Too many options as the consumer for Axx hxxes and your not "that" good.

  • DPaglia

    Went in for a part for an older rig... came out empty handed and angry at the way they spoke to me as a child. Being new to bicycling as an adult I thought they would have given me a starting point. Why would I spend any amount of money with an a-hole outfit such as this.

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