Poison Spider Bicycles

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Does your shop offer mountain bike rentals?
More than a dozen models to choose from, starting at $45 a day. Discounts for multi-day rentals.

497 North Main Street
Moab, Utah

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  • golivet

    Friendly staff for beginners, nice rentals.

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  • Rvalentin

    They helped me out several times finding a trail for my level. I always stop in when im in town to chat them up. One time they adjusted my brakes at no cost. Good people.

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  • Through

    Summary: Outset. Avoid them at all costs. They are spiders. They shouldn't be in this business at all. They will ruin your trip. So stay away and there are nicer bike rentals in Moab than these guys.
    Now the actual story: We (me and my wife) booked two high end road bikes for rental ~1.5 months ago before our actual trip to Moab. We stayed in Moab for 5 days and had a great time hiking and enjoying Moab. Our third day was supposed to be the most exciting day, since we planned to bike that day. We both were very thrilled. Went to the shop. First turn down was I had booked a 2014 Pinnarello for myself and this is the main reason, we booked with Poison rather than going to Chilli Pepper whose rental is $10 is cheaper. But when I went to the store, without even any apology, almost like a demand, they said they don't have the 2014 Pinnarello of my size since someone crashed a week ago. To me this is dishonest and they should have called me and told me about it. In that case, I would have cancelled my booking and booked it with Chilli Pepper. But since we were in the spirit of enjoying our time in Moab, I didn't make this a big scene and the sales guy was accommodating enough to let us rent the previous night itself. So I let it go and was accommodating this. They offered me another Pinnarello of much higher size so I said I will give it a spin for few hours and if it didn't fit and I will come back and change it the next Morning. My wife had a 2014 Trek Madone women series bike. Here comes the second turn down. The bike had a big crack in the frame (top bar). Considering carbon frame, I should have totally rejected it but this was my mistake, again trying to accommodate since the sales guy said this is no problem. So we took it. He was supposed to note down this damage in the rental agreement but he didn't and I just took his word and didn't check the agreement before signing it. Second mistake of trusting these guys. But actually the guy who did this was honest and reasonable and rescued us as you would see later.

    The next day I checked into the shop and changed my bike from the unfit Pinnarello to a disappointing and boring Trek which had driven a lot before. My whole idea of checking out the Pinnarello is out of the door. Having taken all these set backs in a very positive stride and not wanting my trip to spoil, I didn't even raise a red flag to the store yet. But to my dismay, one of the manager was serving me the next day and he was so unfriendly and very unethical and treated like I was renting it for free and he was doing me a favor. He also refused to take the bike in the bike rack which rented it from them by paying $$. He said I don't understand that these bikes are very expensive (I own a very expensive bike and I know what a Carbon bike is) and I said I can't use these cheap racks to hold them. When I politely pointed out it was rented it in their shop (he didn't know before) and their guys only helped me put it on the rack the previous night, he kept quiet.

    We had a great ride although the bikes were not well maintained and they are really not in a good condition.

    Now comes the biggest of all this. When we returned the bike, they said we broke the bike (my wife's) since the guy who rented it to us wasn't there on the returning day. One of the other manager had insulted my wife saying there is a no way they would have rented the bike. I wasn't aware since I was waiting outside looking at some of their other bikes. She has fight with them that this is the same way they rented the bike. But no, they don't believe. Finally we are made to leave the store as if we are at fault. We two versus five of them. All with the same cheating attitude. Luckily the guy who rented to us, attested that it was in that condition when rented.

    So now decide, whether you just want to rent a bike and enjoy the ride or have to go through all of this. I always look for yelp (and other sites) for review before I purchase and I hope this review helps my fellow readers not to go through the same painful episode like me.

    But we (having a plenty like this) took it as a laugh and had a great time in Moab. By the way two days later, we checked out Chilli Pepper and they had nice Giant road bikes and we took it for a test ride and it was in a decent condition and the guys were great there. So next time, I'm going to Chilli Pepper and will stay far away from these spiders.

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  • SummitSurfer

    Great people but expensive in comparison to shops in the area.

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  • carleckelman

    these guys rock. great customer service best tune job i've ever had, sounds a little gay but there the best.

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  • AK_Dan

    I have to agree, although there are several shops in the area These guys were very helpful with local trail info, had great equipment and reasonable rates for rentals, etc.

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  • Lancefan

    This a good bike shop with good service and good employees that are very helpfull.

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