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9015 West Broad
Richmond, Virginia

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  • mtberik

    The employees were kind and guided me through the store and they have tons of bikes, clothes, acceseries, and components. Deffinatly want to come back.

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  • blaize

    The storefront is a retail version of the site with lots of options and good prices. Performance doesn't style itself as a high-end bike dealer, but you can get good quality stuff there.

    The staff was helpful and knowledgeable.

    The only caveat was that some of the merchandise was in disarray. I wanted a couple of tubes, and I couldn't find the right size. Turns out, the tubes I needed were in another bin that was marked as a different size tube.

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  • AboveTheRidge

    I use the Performance Bike shop in Va Beach and have had nothing but above and beyond customer service experiences. Everyone is extremely helpful, knows the gear and will not hesitate to help you get exactly what you need. Excellent company, I highly recommend!

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  • Slyp_Dawg

    The customer service at this shop is top notch. you can get most any sort of bike or bike part there, other than recumbent bikes and rear shocks. their prices are very nice as well. overall, a very nice shop.

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