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2356 Virginia Beach Blvd
Virginia Beach, Virginia

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  • Jason Walker

    The staff was friendly and very helpful. I found my new bike shop.

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  • B-Rax

    Worst bike shop ever. The mechanics are good to go. But the old dudes who run the place don't know anything and are rude about it. I.e. I called to see if they had the syringe for my tubeless tires since they are really hard to take off the rim. And the old man who is the manager, I guess, says you sound like you have an expensive racing bike. You should go to some other shop he mentioned. In a rude condicending tone. Then that day I go in and they have an entire rack for Stan's no tubes with all of their stuff.

    Another thing. My family and I had memberships(so when we buy stuff they put 10% into an account so we could spend the total on something). A few years pass of me basically upgrading ever component on my bike and some on my family's. Every time them taking my name and putting it into the system, suposedly. And I have over 300 bucks added up. One day I go in and am looking to get my 1.5 year old one of those bikes with no pedals and no training wheels. And they inform me that I have no account and haven't for over a year. So..... Sorry but you have no money added up. And after checking my bank statements they had been taking money to pay my dues. But they said there is no way of proving how much money I had spent. So I no longer pay dues and either do everything myself or go to contes. Which is a way better shop.

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  • AboveTheRidge

    Outstanding bike sho. I am all for the little people and know Performance is a national chain, but they treat you like a person. Their customer service is above and beyond. Excellent product selection as well as repairs if needed.

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