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1411 I Street
Sacramento, California

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  • gar29

    Good selection of bikes and products. Service was ok.

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  • kvphowe

    I will NEVER use a mike's bikes location again. In a recent trip to the sacramento store to pick up a wheel which was repaired for me; the service associate, ignored me for almost 5 minutes. In this time he made eye contact with me multiple times. I was tempted to ask "how long are you going to ignore me?". Then, when someone he knew walked up behind me, AFTER me, he proceeded to talk to them about every day BS. I had to walk back to the front counter to get another person to pull my wheel down. I had to tell this associate that Yes, there was someone back there but he was choosing to ignore me instead of help me. When I did finally get my wheel, the service associate looked at me and said "sorry, it's been busy." Obviously not too busy to talk to his buddy.

    Mike's Bikes should realize that they NEED customers to run a business; and customers sure as hell aren't going to come back or recommend your shop when they are treated so poorly. From now on I will make sure to use another bicycle store as Mike's Bikes obviously doesn't give a damn about their customer base. I have removed myself from their newsletters and obviously decided to buy my new bicycle at another shop. Way to run a business.

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  • marsh

    Real nice people.

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