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5003 Penn Ave
Pittsburgh,, Pennsylvania
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  • PanzerTrekk

    "Kraynick's is a real gem for Pittsburgh. This isn't the place to take your high-end carbon frame bike, but Jerry will help you get your commuter, beater, or frame you found trashed in a ditch in the woods back on the road. (Seriously, there was a guy in there salvaging an old MTB frame he found in a ditch in the woods.) Be forewarned: he's pretty typical of a lot of old school Pittsburghers: very gruff at first, but actually a nice guy when he warms up to you.

    I haven't had a bike in ten years and decided out of nowhere to build one around an old frame and a new internal gear hub. I bought a few high-end components online and the rest from Jerry. Despite bringing in outside parts, Jerry was still gushing with help, and, after several weeks and 3-4 visits, I'm riding a bike that I built from scratch after going in with no mechanical knowledge of bikes at all.

    He doesn't carry new super-high-end components, but the stuff he does carry is solid, and he has every weird bracket or screw or cable guide you can imagine from decades of scrounging parts. He can help you with any weird setup you want. (Mine's definitely out-of-the-ordinary.)

    One warning: this is your standard old Pittsburgh small business, so he doesn't take credit cards. It's a little annoying considering that you might be spending over $100 on parts and service, but there's an ATM down the block."

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