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2445 w grand river
Howell, Michigan
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  • Turbojeep

    This is by far none the worst possible place to ever go to, let alone a bicycle shop! I can’t believe any manufacturer would give them a franchise let alone Cannondale! The only salesman (the owner) was beyond rude, narcissist, and absolutely ignorant about bikes! I went in for a fat tire Cannondale bike they had on sale, posted on their website, Facebook, and Craigslist, advertising 3 sizes, plenty in stock and could get more at any time! The “owner jim” showed me a 3 year old 27-1/2 GT bike that was the fat tire bike on sale! I showed him the add on all 3 of his sites, he kept saying those were gone but these GT’s were a better deal and if your not buying then I don’t care as I have them sold anyways! Really? All 10 of them? Yes he said, a group out of Ohio is buying them all for cash! Okay, I just want the Cannondale you advertised and could get more at any time? Nope he said! The Cannondales are junk and I’m not selling them anymore! Ya right, he didn’t have them, never did and only wanted to sell me a 3 year old GT bike for $50 less then retail, but that’s a cash price and my visa is 5% more! What a joke! I live in Howell and been there a few times before for bike repairs, I should have known better as I have had horrible problems with their bike tech as well, $120 for a basic tune he can’t even get right. I went in for the Cannondale deal that they never had, it’s an illegal “bait & switch” and will be contacting Cannondale about.

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  • [email protected]

    Best shop around, the have the best selection of bikes there is, and better prices then anyone! They really try to get you the most amount of bike for your budget!
    There service techs are the best there is, my cycling club uses them exclusively and there bikes are always trouble free. I recommend any one to check out there bikes or get there bike serviced there....

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    • Turbojeep

      Hey Tyler, where are you wrenching now? You haven’t been here in years.