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13799 S Dixie Hwy
Miami, Florida

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  • [email protected]

    Worst place ever, i never experienced such horrible service, their staff in two words RUDE and DISRESPECTFUL !!! I do NOT recommend this place to anyone

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  • jruiz

    BUYER BEWARE.... check prices online. They marked up my brake set by almost 150% !!! Not to mention $50 labor on top. To say they are a rip off is being too kind.

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  • *

    Hey Dino, thanks for ruining my hamstrings.

    I am so sorry I bought a bike from these idiots.  I bought a tri bike in April.  I was told to come in for a fitting.  Dino did his adjustments. Off I went.  Within a week the bike had chip in the paint.  I called to see what I can do, he tells me will call back and nevèr did.

    Then I am training for my triathlon and then my hamstrings are starting to get strained.  To the point that I was going to quit.  

    I brought my bike to a shop that caters to triathletes and the tech there saw my problem.  The bike was adjusted all wrong, my seat was wrong, my arrows were wrong.  

    Once all of this was corrected I was able to ride without discomfort.  Mu hamstrings are healing up now.


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