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3179 Cahaba Heights Rd.
Birmingham, Alabama
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  • [email protected]

    I don't know about the sales side, but the service side was great, I had hydraulic brakes installed and new wheels put on and they had my bike back to me the next morning when they opened, again the service staff was great!!

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  • bgilham

    Very disappointed in this shop. I am just getting into mountain biking, and have explored several of the local shops. The guys here were rude, seemed very disinterested in selling me a bike, and acted like they were better than me. They came across like they were the true bikers, and didn't have time for amateurs. When I asked to test ride a few, they acted like it was a hassle, and literally told me nothing about a bike unless I specifically asked for it. On top of that, the X-Cal that I wanted to test, they said they didn't have one put together, and didn't have time to do it. At 3:00 pm, and I was the only person there.

    I left and went to Bike Links in Hoover, who not only volunteered a wealth of information about every bike I asked about, actually took the time to put together a Rockhopper that I want to test (and ended up buying).

    The deciding factor between Trek and Specialized for me was simply the "Trek guys" acted like they didn't have 5 minutes to help me out, but the "Specialized guys" acted like they would shut their entire shop down just in order to help me with whatever I need.

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  • stephenhaze

    Great shop. I bought all 3 of my bikes there and have had previous bikes come from there as well. The service is great at a reasonable price. The employees always know what they are talking about. Large shop with a good inventory yet still has the small town shop feel. Great place to look for a bike.

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