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200 Marketplace Lane suite 205
Highland Village, Texas
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  • FredCook   ✓ supporter

    (Highland Village location)
    Nice LBS. Friendly, knowledgeable, willing to help a do-it-yourself'er...

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  • Mc Lean

    Awesome bikes and service

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  • wareagle4130

    One of the best shops in DFW. All of the employees seem to be actual riders who are knowledgeable and passionate about cycling. Service is top notch. I once brought my bike in to see how long it would take to check the hanger alignment (other shops typically have to put your bike in a queue before they can look at it). The guys at Cadence popped it right in the stand, and when the hanger turned out to be okay, they spent about 15 mins dialing in my derailleur to fix my shifting issues. When I asked how much I owed, they said don't worry about it. Many months later when it came time to spend thousands of dollars on a new bike, guess where I chose to spend my money? Other shops could learn a lot from these guys.

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