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100 N peachtree parkway #12
Peachtree City, Georgia

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  • jclute

    I have had a bike serviced here that I bought on Criagslist and just recently purchased a new bike here. Every time I am in there, the people are very responsive, courteous, extremely helpful, and very knowledgeable. The bike I bought on craigslist originally was purchased here and they looked up all the service records for me! My most recent purchase was a hardtail, Giant Talon 27.5 4! I had my eye on the Talon 27.5er's for a few weeks and my wife went and surprised me for my birthday and bought it for me. They didn't have any in stock when I was coming in to look at bikes and I was waiting until they made their next order to try them out but I was pretty sure thats what I wanted. So my wife conspired with Steve at BU and he made sure everyone at the shop kept quiet to me. Even when I emailed Brad asking when they would get some in, he kindly ignored me, of course on the request of Steve on behalf of my wife! Steve got such a kick out of my wife surprising me, he admitted he had so much fun building the bike for me!! So far I have loved the bike, it has been great, a perfect fit, and I am just enjoying riding a bike again, after I got burnt out on road riding. For an LBS to be part of such a special thing my wife did for me, is to me the perfect type of shop you want in your neighborhood! I recommend to anyone in the area to check this store!!

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  • Theejuicer

    When you pay thousands of dollars for a bike and you go in a week later and talk to the guy who sold it to you you would hope he remembered you.
    I dont mind paying alittle extra to support my LBS but this has Very high prices even for a LBS.

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