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Santa Cruz, California

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  • Eager_Mountain_biker

    Service is good, but didn't have everything I needed and was hoping for

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  • dunbarthedos

    If your not big time, don't even bother with this shop as the owner is only worried about his financial margin and his few dedicated riders. Your better off going down to Cycleworks or Epicenter as they will treat you with respect.

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  • Burkatroid

    Great staff, knowledgeable and helpful

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  • JohnVW

    Good prices and friendly employees who actually care about bikes.

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  • Juan_Gear

    they should get a 10 many times over the years they have saved a weekend/ride

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  • megafuntime

    Really nice and helpful service, more than willing to chat it up while getting the job done. Good prices, especially on used bikes.

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