Colorado Springs Bike Shop

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Address 622 West Colorado Ave.
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Phone 719-634-4915
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BigDaddy69 on March 27, 2017
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Review: My fiancé and I frequent this establishment. It is of the highest quality bike shop one could expect. The owners are kind and knowledgeable. Grab one of Ed's famous root beers while you are there! You won't regret it
bikeamaroq on March 30, 2007
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Review: This is an excellent bike shop with a great selection of bikes. They have a variety of bikes with a range of prices and all the necessities for riding. They also have a stock of components if you're looking to upgrade. If you need to find a patch kit, simple replacement parts, or a drink, they have it. They also have snacks for riding that you can stock up on. The service is superb, and the workers there will help you find anything you need. This place is great for a quick rest stop as well because it has a tiny bar with drinks of all sorts in the back.


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