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Address 9006 W Pico Blvd
Los Angeles, California
Phone (310) 278-0915
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huckerjon on January 1, 2009
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Review: This is by far one of the worst shops I have ever been in. The customer service is terrible! The shop owner was helping someone and spent twenty minutes with the person without even acknowleging me. I did not expect the owner to drop his customer, but a simple "I will be with you shortly" was all I needed. When the owner finally got to me I asked him if he could order a part from Specialized for me. After telling him what the part was, and showing him a diagram from the specialized web site he still still looked confused. After explaining to him after about 5 times, he finaly said that he would contact the company and order the part, then notify me on the cost. After a week I called the owner and asked him on staus of the order. He said that he forgot and would call me tomorrow. Three days later I called him and he told me again that he forgot! I called him one last time, and guess what....He forgot again! This guys shop is never very busy, so I dont understand how he forgot three times. He is also an authorized specialized dealer, or at least he was several years ago, and he does'nt know squat about bikes! He has a very limited selection on bikes, and his attitude SUCKS!
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