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  • Saburo

    This is great bike for touring, trail riding and even on pavement (with the right tires). If you want one bike for everything and can live with compromises and trade offs this is a great bike!

    This is a super versatile adventure touring bike. You can go anywhere and do almost everything on it. A few highlights the frame is strong and light, especially given that it's made to carry loads. The ride is smooth, close to a steel frame although not quite as heavenly as a quality steel frame. On the road it may be a tad slow compared to more road specific designs bUT it can hold its own. The main difference maker for roads is a slightly narrower and smoother tread tire. (But don't try to go smaller than a 35 or 37c width, anything less and the clearances begin to look strange.) A great bike if you want one bike to do it all.

    A few other notes:
    Wheels--I found the stock wheels to be more than adequate so far. They are convertible to tubeless if that interests you. On the down side I wish the spoke count were 32 rather than 28, but all in all they seem to hold up well.
    Cockpit--I found the bars a tad narrow for my taste but the overall feel is good. Some say the stem is too long for the given size but I found it perfect from the start. The hoods are long since they contain the master cylinder and take a little getting used to but once you adjust you forget about them.
    Braking--Hydraulic braking is a beautiful thing. Honestly, how did I get by without it?
    Racks--These are well made and much lighter than their beefy look suggests.

    Some have said that the barend shifters are a liability but having used them for years that isn't an issue. However, the SRAM shifters are not as smooth as Shimano's. They seem clunky and finicky by comparison. And add to that the facf that with barend shifters a rapid rise derailleur is wonderful as it puts your easiest gears in a down and out of the way position. This is by far betrer than having SRAM shifters up and pointed at your knee.

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