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  • farfromtheocean

    Decent way to get into SS'ing, and the bike is fully upgradeable. Nothing immediately needs changed out, although I kept catching the seat clamp on my shorts and changed it quickly to a non-quick-release version. The fork is definitely a bummer, but I rode it about 350 miles before I just couldn't take it any more. Rumor has it this is the same frame as the Rig. Plan to get stronger and become a better rider, because the bike is a bit hefty at 28.5 lbs even with a nice steel rigid fork replacing the original boat anchor. This bike made me fall in love with single speeding - it is a blast to ride, and the bike is ALWAYS ready to ride because there are no finicky components that need lubricated and adjusted. I can hear this bike calling my name from the garage all the way from my office. Could increase the number of 'sick days' you take from work...

    Price was right
    Fully upgradeable
    Can be converted to geared with purchase of different sliding dropout.
    Pretty stout - nothing has broken, rarely needs adjusted, and it's always ready to ride.
    Color scheme is cool in gold/white/graphite matte, and paint has held up well.
    Stiff frame.

    Awful boat anchor stock Suntour suspension fork. Grrr.
    Relatively heavy wheelset.
    Was unable to make wheelset tubeless with ghetto system.
    Stock Tektro brakes stink - replaced them with BB7's and saw major improvement.
    Stock Bontrager tires were not at all suited to real trail conditions where I live, so those tires made me a weeny scared rider until I could afford some meatier rubber that actually had traction in the loose conditions I ride in Colo Spgs.
    Slow handler with stock 100mm travel fork. Replaced with shorter RIGID fork and absolutely love the setup. Quicker handling and dropped 3 lbs off the front end.
    I didn't love the Big Sweep bars because they shorten the cockpit too much.
    Stiff frame.

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