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Weight: 15875 grams
MSRP: $610
#72 out of 518 29er bikes
Brand: Trek
The Marlin 6 is an excellent entry/intermediate level bike for those seeking the benefits of a 29er without the price tag. Hydraulic disc brakes are stock on the 6 and the only major difference I could find between this and the 7 was that the 7 has double wall rims. Overall, this bike rides like a dream. The handling and maneuverability are very impressive (although I could use about an inch off of each end of the handlebar) and the bike feels like a tank going over good sized rocks and roots with no problems.

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Rider questions

Q: Give a budget in the range of what a Marlin cost, what else is out there that you feel would be a better bike?
A: The Marlin 6 is listed at $530 and could be as much as $600 but I found mine new at a bike shop for $300 and I'm sure there are good deals around. Every major bike company is going to have something that competes with it as its an entry level bike. When I was looking for one, two years ago, its main competitors were entry level Diamondbacks and Novaras. It's my opinion that this was the best option, especially if you can find one at $400 or below.

Q: I see many riders of the Marlin saying there are better bikes out there for the same price. Can anyone name a few and state why?