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  • lakota84

    I rode this as a rental to ride desert trails. The tires could not grip much of anything beyond bare rock and were constantly sliding sideways, off the trail. Descents were treacherous. And the fork was junk. There is a rebound dial, but I think it is only for show. This was a floor model and new. Not worth looking at. Trek should be ashamed to sell a bike this poorly equipped. Might be a good Walmart bike.

    Lightweight frame. Stock drive train shifts smoothly and quickly. Stock bars are good width. Stock seat not too bad

    Fork=Junk, mechanical spring, no real rebound setting Tires might be suitable for bike paths and grassy trails. Stock rims are single-wall.

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    • Welp

      The problem you couldn't grip to much is because the bike probably didn't have the right tires if you used regular tires on sand then it would have had trouble if you wanted to go on sand I recommend finding a bike with fat tires and the oil for the forks might need to be replaced or the fork is faulty