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Brand: Trek

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Q: is this good for someone 5'2"?

Q: Is what good? At 5'2" you will need a 13"/14" frame.

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  • Aaron1980

    I would wholeheartedly recommend this bike. I will never part with mine. It is like another appendage when I am riding it. Total control. You can get these bikes relatively cheap at times on sites like Craigslist, EBay, OfferUp, etc. Usually the price can be anywhere from 100US dollars to 500US dollars but I have seen a rising trend and they are inching up back to their original list price in 1992 of 1025US dollars. While more modern bikes (even Treks in the mid 90s) are outsourced to Taiwan, China, etc., this bike was made in the USA. Many of the issues with reliability, sustainability, wear, aging, etc. do not apply to this bike. My red Trek 990 is all original parts minus the seat, the pedals, and one tire. It is still like new. The bike is indestructible. I love it.

    -All around excellence.
    -Handles beautifully.
    -Nukeproof lugged frame construction.
    -Relatively light for steel.
    -Trek air suspension fork (made by Showa in Japan) holds up well for reasonable purposes.
    -Comfortable and sleek geometry.
    -Cantilever brakes stop me on a dime at 6'2" and just under 200lbs, I don't need discs.

    -Not an intense downhill racing bike. It wasn't intended to be.
    -I can't think of any cons really.

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