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  • Lonerider

    I began getting back into mountain biking again a year or two ago. IAroudn the same time I got into "old school" mountain bikes. bike from before my time -- and my first store bought bike was a 1995 Trek mtb I got on closeout in 96 as a teenager.
    The goal was an early 80s Stumpjumper, but when i saw this I had to have it. It rides awesome and handles nice. Specialized had a bike made that lasts, obviously, since I'm reviewing a bike that's over 20 years old.
    The wide-set cantilevers, the big massive levers 9like the dia-compe's I rememember on an old Ross) and the thumb shifters can't go wrong. Classic and functional. Plus: Less to fail mechanically on thumb shifters, and you can use them with gloves or even mittens in the winter.
    Now here's the downside. (The bike, as i got it had the tires replaced but everything else seemed original. If this is incorrect I apologize)
    Those cool and functional thumb levers? Plastic!

    Then there is the rear wheel. It uses a bolt-on axle. A what?
    I understand the Streetstomper was sort of the hybrid cousin to the Stumpjumper, Rockhopper, etc lineup -- a mountainbike that was marketed as much for around town cruising as singletrack. And maybe, commuting or going to the store, you lock your bike up, you like a bolted axle as a theft deterrant. not me. I'd rather not have to carry a big wrench.

    Also, not for nothing, this kinda thing hurts the bike's dual usefulness -- street and mountain. However, since the price of the bike when new was not great, maybe this isn't a bad mark against it; it kept the pricepoint down.

    Overall, the handling is great, the bike had a full complement of braze-ons -- two h20 bottle bounts, mounts for a rack, etc -- and the welds are nice and clean. Parts spec is good except for those two gripes. I even like the riser bars, something i swore I would never run (when I got my first bike it was all flat bars and longer stems). But it works, and it looks good too.

    Get one of these if you can find it. You'll save some change over an old Stumpy, plus, since it's less well known, you get he benefit of having a bike that not every joe knows about.

    And did I mention it handles and rides good?

    Awesome do-it-all bike. Good parts spec (except rear wheel). Weight not too bad. Nice handling.

    Rear wheel was bolt on not quick release. Stock seatpost had developed a crack. These are all non issues because many people upgrade these things anyway... okay except maybe the wheels. But for what this cost new it's not an issue. For what it cost me, I shouldn't say anything.

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