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  • iammattjones

    I built this bike after buying the frame off of Ebay on accident. I was amazed when the bike showed up in a box and the label said 10.5 pounds. There was at least a pound of cardboard so the frame weighs way less than 10 pounds. I put my SRAM X-9 shiftpods, Avid BB7 mech-brakes, Mavic wheelset, Easton stem and bar and egg beaters, and a temporary Rockshox Tora that I had already purchased and took off to the trail. I pumped the rear shock up to the designated pressure at the trail and it was like riding on a marshmallow. Pedal bob was insane. It wore me out on the first hill. I adjusted preload, rebound and the remote brain and the bike came alive. The first day I rode for over 9 miles. On my previous Trek hardtail I would be completely bonked after 6 miles on our wonderful rooty NE Tenn trails. The bike is so comfortable and the Fox Rear Brain and shock are so efficient that I almost never have to get out of the saddle. If you can find a deal on one of these bikes or frames on ebay then do it, get a build kit from pricepoint.com and make it easy on yourself and your wallet. I love my sworks.

    2006 model: Light. The frame weighs less than 10 pounds. Remote brain is great once you get it dialed in with the rear Fox shock. Comfortable. The ergonomics on this bike is great. I don't feel like I'm cramped into a small space. I can ride this bike all day long and not have any of the aches or fatigue that I had on my hardtail. The steering geometry is a little slow so it takes time to get used to but once you do you can bob and weave with the turns instead of darting into them. This bike is a great XC bike and an even greater trail bike. You really do get the best of both worlds. I have the front fork set on 130mm and paired with the Fox rear I've hit some jumps and drops that would have smashed the wheels off a hard tail. The S-Works Stumpjumper takes them like a champ. You feel like you are landing on a cloud of fluffy puppies. And everyone loves puppies, right?

    The bottom bracket is a little lower than I would like. I've bashed my chain ring on some logs that weren't that big. There is some pedal bob if you don't dial in the remote brain and Fox shock. I've reduced it to a minimum now, but still there. The welds on the 2006 downtube extend almost all the way to the bottom bracket housing so finding a derailleur to fit is difficult. I finally found a dual pull, top swing, low mount Shimano XT front derailleur to fit it after 3 tries.

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  • ac90002

    If you can work it out at all, ride this bike and then think about it. I rode a demo from the Specialized van at an event in NJ. About 3 hrs in, I decided to make them an offer for that bike. They didn't refuse.

    Much lighter than the Specialized Epic alloy frame I used to ride; 23 lbs vs 27. Brain also seems quicker to react or maybe that's my brain, because I'm a lot more confident on this machine. Find myself able to get up tricky rock climbs and execute quick uphill switchback turns I could not handle before.

    What is it about rear deraileurs on Specialized? Can't seem to do more than a couple rides without it getting banged into the spokes, broken off or otherwise mangled. Also, price obviously; $7400 is a lot, even for people who live to ride.

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